An anniversary, and a new beginning

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the tragic events in Tiananmen Square.

20 years ago, I was studying under the brilliant Chin-Chuan Lee at the University of Minnesota when the Chinese government quashed the now-famous pro-democracy demonstration.

We suspended our coursework in public opinion for an impromptu discussion of the events that were unfolding halfway across the world. I was too young to truly appreciate what was at stake.

But now I do.

Last night my sister Lara gave birth to her third daughter, Isabella.

In China, a third child—let alone a third daughter—is not an option. Here, it’s a cause for joyous celebration.

I find myself contemplating the future Isabella will face—a future shaped by the struggles and sacrifices of countless generations before her. I hope she will come to appreciate what a privilege it is to have the rights we too often take for granted.

Welcome, Isabella May! (And congratulations, Punk and Paul!)

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