Dog is my copilot

On a whim, I bought a copy of A Thousand Dogs off the sale rack the other day. For once, I’m happy with an impulsive purchase.

I still can’t decide which I like better: the advertised thousand images, or the lovely essays and quotes that accompany them.

Many of the photos are a poignant reminder of dogs I’ve loved. One of my earliest memories is of my first dog, Lancelot, a beautiful English collie. It broke my dad’s heart to leave him with a friend when my family moved to Mexico.

We also had Casey Jones, a German shepherd who would steal our breakfast off the table. And then there was Sammy, a Peruvian poodle whose personality was 10 times bigger than his tiny frame. Sammy was completely bilingual, by the way.

After Esteban and I married, we adopted Arrow. This beautiful dog had been through something like six homes before ours. We were his last chance, and he knew it. He had a keen intelligence, a great sense of humor, and a gentle disposition. We lost him to extreme old age a couple of years ago. I still miss him every day.

We haven’t really considered getting another dog because of our hectic schedules. But we do enjoy the steady stream of woofie visitors that passes through our house. I’m not sure I could even count the number of dogs who have stayed with us over the past 20 years.

Here are a few of my favorites. And here’s to dogs, our truest companions.



    • Mica *is* cool, no blog required! Too bad I missed him on Saturday, when he stopped by to show off his new ‘do! Guess I’ll just have to devote an entire post to his new coiffure. I’ll call it “hair of the dog.” 🙂

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