When Photoshop attacks

This morning, I was looking at some family pics I shot over the weekend. In all but one of them, my 3-year-old niece was making monkey faces. No worries: I cloned  her single “nice” mug onto one of the better group shots.

I’d never do this to my editorial photos, of course. There are strict ethical rules about the “dos” and “dont’s” of photojournalism, and abusing Photoshop definitely crosses the line.

Unfortunately, that line seems to be getting blurrier every day. Magazines routinely use Photoshop to touch up models’ figures and faces. Even governments and journalists have gotten into the action.

Regardless of whether altering photos is ethically “right,” it sometimes goes terribly wrong. I thought my photog buddies might enjoy a look at what happens When Photoshop Attacks.

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