A photo a day

Back in June, I wrote about the beautiful book photographer Jim Brandenburg created by shooting just one frame every day.

I’ve never shown such self-control in my own photography (not even when I was shooting film). If I see something interesting, I’ll usually fire off at least two frames. Sometimes 10.

Inspired by Brandenburg’s book, I wondered what creative discoveries I’d make if I, too, limited myself to just one frame per day.

I made a discovery, alright: I have the attention span of a gnat. I shot three frames back in June and promptly forgot about them until tonight, when I found them stored on an old card.

The first frame is from the first hour of the first day of my experiment. It’s my co-worker Rick, proudly displaying the bling he made for himself out of office supplies.

Rick bling blog

Two days later, I snapped a quick pic of my dear friend Jim and his dog Bear walking in Gold Medal Park, across from the Guthrie Theater.

Jim and Bear blog

… and a couple of days after that, I shot a truck that stopped next to me at a red light. I think I was excited to see something that had even more rust than my car.

Truck rust blog

If I learned a lesson from my little experiment, it was that shooting a single frame is difficult. Perhaps that’s why I shot only three frames that week.

Back in June, I wrote of Brandenburg’s book with admiration. Now I’m flat-out in awe. Who knew that taking a single photo could be so tough?


  1. It must be very difficult deciding what to pass up in anticipation for what is to come. Perhaps this Brandenburg created his book as a metaphor for life. Or perhaps it is just a nice coincidence

    • What a wonderful, insightful observation. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re absolutely right.

      Thanks for the Deep Thought of the Day!

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