A photo a day


Back in June, I wrote about the beautiful book photographer Jim Brandenburg created by shooting just one frame every day.

I’ve never shown such self-control in my own photography (not even when I was shooting film). If I see something interesting, I’ll usually fire off at least two frames. Sometimes 10.

Inspired by Brandenburg’s book, I wondered what creative discoveries I’d make if I, too, limited myself to just one frame per day.

I made a discovery, alright: I have the attention span of a gnat. I shot three frames back in June and promptly forgot about them until tonight, when I found them stored on an old card.

The first frame is from the first hour of the first day of my experiment. It’s my co-worker Rick, proudly displaying the bling he made for himself out of office supplies.

Rick bling blog

Two days later, I snapped a quick pic of my dear friend Jim and his dog Bear walking in Gold Medal Park, across from the Guthrie Theater.

Jim and Bear blog

… and a couple of days after that, I shot a truck that stopped next to me at a red light. I think I was excited to see something that had even more rust than my car.

Truck rust blog

If I learned a lesson from my little experiment, it was that shooting a single frame is difficult. Perhaps that’s why I shot only three frames that week.

Back in June, I wrote of Brandenburg’s book with admiration. Now I’m flat-out in awe. Who knew that taking a single photo could be so tough?

2 Responses to “A photo a day”

  1. It must be very difficult deciding what to pass up in anticipation for what is to come. Perhaps this Brandenburg created his book as a metaphor for life. Or perhaps it is just a nice coincidence

    • 2 hmunro

      What a wonderful, insightful observation. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re absolutely right.

      Thanks for the Deep Thought of the Day!

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