Time Vampire 4.0

So much for progress.

I sprang some serious bucks last week for Adobe’s Creative Suite 4. Among other things, it’s supposed to streamline your workflow so you can be about 30% more efficient.

So far, I can’t vouch for that. I’ve just wasted four hours of my weekend trying to do any work.

Somehow the new software dumped all of the utilities from my hard drive. So this afternoon, when I went to print a document, nothing happened. Disk repair? Nada. System profiler: niente. All gone without a trace. Grrr.

I decided to start fresh and upgraded from OS 10.4 to OS 10.5. Dumb move. The new OS gobbled up another 5 gigs on my hard drive and now won’t let me open my mail. And the kicker is that I still can’t print. AAUGH!!

I’ll try again tomorrow when I’m more rested and less weepy. In the meantime, I find myself disappointed—for the first time ever—in the interface of an Apple product.

What a shame.

UPDATE: It’s now tomorrow, and I’m back at it. I’m very pleased to report that the mail issue is fixed, thanks to my fellow wordpress bloggers at MacMechanic Blog. Their tip took 30 seconds to fix what I pondered for an hour last night.

Well, that’s one problem solved. I’m off to do battle with the printers now. Wish me luck.

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