Almost fall

Old Main Street is one of my favorite spots in Minneapolis. Not only are the lots of rocky bluffs to scramble on (and occasionally fall off of), but there’s also lots of comparatively old architecture—and of course, there’s the river.

The days are growing shorter so I’m feeling that seasonal urge to get out before the snow flies.

That’s probably why I abandoned my chores and freelance articles last night, in favor of a walk with my friend Norine and her dog, Mica.

I love Norine. She’s incurably optimistic and completely fearless. Yesterday she had every intention of walking across a small gorge on a rusted-out beam. (As it turned out, it was perhaps too rusted.) I’ve also seen her scramble up steep hillsides like a mountain goat, as I literally hug trees and contemplate my imminent death.

Maybe if I hang around with her enough she’ll rub off on me.

In the meantime, here are some photos of our beautiful fleeting summer:


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