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A dog’s life


Today was the fourth anniversary of my dog Arrow’s death. I still miss him every day. Arrow came to us as a disheveled 90-pound bundle of anxiety. When we adopted him at two years old, he’d already had six homes. “He has fear aggression,” we were told. “He’s unpredictable with kids, and he’s terrified of […]

This morning I participated in the third annual Twin Cities Memory Walk. I walked with my company’s corporate team—and also in honor of my grandma Iris, who died of Alzheimer’s disease several years ago. All told, it was a wonderful Saturday morning. But ironically, on the way to the walk, I had an experience that […]

It’s fashionable these days for people to “embrace diversity.” But what does that really mean? Of course, the warm-and-fuzzy blanket of inclusion covers race and sexual orientation. But it is seldom extended to temperament—despite the fact that our temperament arguably shapes us more than anything else. I’m a quiet person by nature. Although I can […]

Do you think our country is divided now? Imagine what our forefathers must have been thinking on this day in 1862, when President Abraham Lincoln issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. His decision pitted brothers against each other, and caused the most destructive domestic war our country has even known. Yet, when viewed through history’s hindsight—in […]

Every now and then, I stumble across something truly wonderful on The Internets. Today it was a calculation of the odds of being mushed by a meteor. Wheee! The good news is that we’re more likely to perish from the resulting shock wave or tsunami than we are from a direct hit. The bad news? […]

Esteban and I watched Wonder Boys over the weekend. It’s a great film—it’s deftly scripted, with lots of dark humor and quirky twists. But I couldn’t get past its weird romanticized notion of writers’ lives. The gifted young novelist was a pathological liar. The professor was a pothead with a thing for his boss’ wife. […]

I usually enjoy TIME magazine, but this week I can’t stand to even look at the cover. For me, this Mad Man—as TIME has dubbed him—personifies the obnoxious, destructive rhetoric that’s derailing our culture. TIME paints a colorful, complicated portrait of Glenn Beck. He’s affable, a hard worker, with a great sense of humor. Some […]

Tonight, my friend Norine and I had the privilege of screening some excerpts from Ken Burns’ newest documentary, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea. What can I say? The man is a poet. He imbues each of his films with such a genuine love for the subject that I can’t help but be drawn in. […]

It was bound to happen, I suppose: One of my friends has asked me to add an occasional post to his blog. So that’s what I did tonight. Unfortunately, it means that I don’t have time to write a proper entry of my own. I extend sincere apologies to my three regular readers who were […]

There’s so much to write about today—but I have so little time. So I’m settling for a screen shot from my webmail landing page that struck me as oddly humorous: Hmm. So he biked for 25 miles in the rain, then partied all night, and now he feels achy and feverish? Hats off to Mr. […]