False and juicy reports

Imagine how surprised the people of Bangladesh must have been on Wednesday to discover that the 1968 Moon landing was faked.

As it turns out, two newspapers in Bangladesh picked up the story from The Onion News Network in Lebanon, Ohio. Yes, that Onion.

“We’ve since learned that the fun site runs false and juicy reports based on a historic incident,” read an apology to the readers of the Daily Manab Zamin.

I hope no one is too hard on the editors of Manab Zamin and New Nation. After all, The Onion is pretty well written. Never mind that most of the stories happen to be hilarious, totally preposterous, or horribly offensive. Without the cultural context, it might be difficult to tell that “America’s Finest News Source” really isn’t.

Still, there’s a cautionary tale in here for the rest of us: Never rely on a single source. Especially when its lead story is “Nation’s Unemployment Outlook Improves Drastically After Fifth Beer.”

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