Back on the blogwagon

Momentum is a funny thing. Get it going, and positive behaviors (like posting to your blog, getting enough sleep, and exercising every day) become almost automatic. But neglect it for even a couple of days, and inertia sets in.

The thing is that I’ve been far from inert over the past week. In fact, I’ve been scrambling like a squirrel on meth to meet all my obligations. And in the middle of it all, I’ve taught myself how to use Illustrator (well, sort of). Here’s my first-ever vector illustration, for a land broker’s brochure:

Blog treeline

Purdy, eh?

I don’t feel too bad about neglecting my French lessons, or the general maintenance of my home. Some things take care of themselves. But I do feel bad about neglecting my blog—not so much for fear of disappointing my two readers (hello, Pam and Tom!), but more so because I’ve disappointed myself.

I’ve seen so many things in the past week that I wish I’d documented. While I was driving along East Hennepin the other day, a gull came right up to my open window and flew parallel to my car. Our eyes met for just a second, and it was gone. But that moment has stayed with me for days now.

I’ve also discovered some wonderful new technological iPhone goodies, and I’ve rediscovered my drawer-full of old woolen sweaters. I’ve shaken hands with a homeless guy who had baby-soft skin. And I’ve marveled at the sound of rain after a months-long drought.

It’s been a week of discoveries and strange contrasts, and most of them have been lost in the blur.

But what can I say? That’s life.

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