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So long, Sedona


Esteban and I have spent the past week in Sedona, Arizona. It was our first visit to the beautiful Grand Canyon State, and we both fell in love. Today’s post is devoted to some of my favorite photos from our trip, but you may also want to read about the day we picked up some […]

I have a love/hate relationship with traveling. I hate padding around in my stocking feet in front of strangers at the airport. And I hate having to carefully mete out my toiletries so they fit in a quart-sized plastic bag. But I absolutely love sitting at the airport and observing the fundamental commonalities of human […]

Today I had the pleasure of almost visiting my first ghost town. I say almost because Jerome, Arizona is still very much alive. Although some buildings lie in ruins in the middle of this small town, the place is vibrant with history, culture and activity. Esteban and I drove in via 89A north, which took […]

I don’t usually bring my laptop when I travel, but it’s riding shotgun with me on this trip. So when I lay awake with insomnia at 3 this morning, I fired up the ol’ workhorse and started sifting through yesterday’s photos. To my horror, I discovered that there’s something wrong with my camera. I’m not […]

Yesterday’s drive to Jerome and Prescott left me and Esteban a bit road-weary, so today we decided to park the car and just hike around Sedona. Little did we know that, by the end of the day, we would have covered at least eight miles and 1,000 vertical feet. We set out on foot from […]

Esteban and I slept in today, probably because we were a bit tuckered from yesterday’s adventures. “What’s close by?” he asked. “Wanna go see Montezuma Castle?” I asked. We had a leisurely breakfast and tidied up a bit. Then, we stopped at the outlet mall on the outskirts of town. Then we also stopped at […]

I woke up at 4:45 this morning, feeling restless and full of energy, so I snuck out for a walk. But I didn’t get very far. As I walked past the hotel’s reception building, each step took me farther into a thick darkness that left me more unsure of my surroundings. I crossed the street […]

“Wanna go to the Grand Canyon?” Esteban asked. “Sure. Sounds great!” I responded. Neither of us had any idea of the improbable chain of events our casual decision would unfold. We were on the road by about 9:30 a.m., winding our way through Sedona’s hills. We took 89A north into the mountains and quickly left […]

This morning, my friend Tom (aka. “The Blogfodder”) sent me a blip about the New Oxford American Dictionary‘s 2009 Word of the Year, “unfriend.” At first I took it as wishful thinking on Tom’s part, until I heard a segment about it on MPR during my drive home. Apparently the word has been around since […]

The opening graph from an AP story caught my eye today: President Barack Obama prodded China about Internet censorship and free speech, but the message was not widely heard in China, where his words were blocked online and shown on only one regional television channel. Talk about irony. For once, I’m speechless—and 250 million Chinese […]