Weird news roundup

I love reading stories about people behaving badly. They make my life seem so pleasantly mundane. And thanks to the Star Tribune, today I’m feeling very mundane indeed. Here’s Wednesday’s weird news roundup:

First up, we have the news that Americans have bought 12 billion rounds of ammo in the past year. That’s enough to kill everyone on the planet twice!

Then, we have a man who stabbed himself so he wouldn’t have to go to work. Now, that’s dedication to truancy. Oh my God, buddy, just find a different job.

We have the mother and daughter who were allowed to exchange jail time for public humiliation by standing outside a Pennsylvania courthouse with a sign that admitted their crime. I suppose it’s better than cutting off their hands.

Finally, we have a heavy-set man in Florida who has robbed the same bank so many times that one teller anticipated his heist by saying, “He’s here again.” Hey, at least he’s found his niche. There’s something to be said for specialization.

Still, all of this weirdness pales in comparison to the mayoral feud in France. The mayors of two small cities outside Paris took their disagreement to the streets—literally!—a few weeks ago by making the same busy road a one-way street, but in opposite directions.



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