11/21: Maybe there *is* a vortex?

I don’t usually bring my laptop when I travel, but it’s riding shotgun with me on this trip. So when I lay awake with insomnia at 3 this morning, I fired up the ol’ workhorse and started sifting through yesterday’s photos.

To my horror, I discovered that there’s something wrong with my camera. I’m not yet sure whether the problem lies in the lens or the sensor, but wherever there should be details I’m finding only smudges. Either way, I’m pretty certain I won’t come back with any stunning landscapes from this trip.

I’m crushed. Yet, to my surprise, I’ve quickly accepted the situation. So my photos won’t reflect the layered beauty of the Grand Canyon, or the million crevices in Sedona’s red rocks, or the thousand spiny thorns of the saguaro. Oh, well.

Those of you who know me are probably scratching your heads. I live to take photos. And Sedona is one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve seen. Yet I seem to be taking my camera’s failings in stride.

I’ve heard that Sedona imparts a strange calm on people. Some folks say that there are energy “vortexes” around here, while others attribute it to the natural beauty of this place. Whatever the case, I’m finding it to be true for me.

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