11/26: Giving thanks

I woke up at 4:45 this morning, feeling restless and full of energy, so I snuck out for a walk. But I didn’t get very far.

As I walked past the hotel’s reception building, each step took me farther into a thick darkness that left me more unsure of my surroundings. I crossed the street into a vacant lot and looked up at the sky. The stars were breathtaking.

I quickly spotted Venus and the Big Dipper, but nothing else looked familiar. There were just too many stars. Then a sudden movement caught my eye. A meteorite dashed toward the horizon at an improbable speed.

How wonderful that Sedona has purposefully banned bright lights. No human invention could ever compare to the glorious light show of that desert sky.

Soon, the silhouette of Coffeepot Rock started to appear on the horizon. The sun was coming up.

I decided to drive up the steep, narrow, winding Airport Road to greet the sunrise from Airport Lookout. To my surprise, the parking lot was almost full. I took the last open spot and began the hike up the hillside. As I approached the crest, I saw the silhouettes of four or five photographers and their tripods. Beyond them, I glimpsed the first orange-red rays of the rising sun.

What a perfect way to start Thanksgiving Day.

A couple of hours later, Esteban and I were on the road to my sister’s house. We shared a wonderful Thanksgiving feast of Greek food with her and her four dogs. I was in heaven.

We all sat around and chatted until the light faded. It was time for our drive back to Sedona. I was sad to bid my sister farewell, and sad to know this would be my last night in Sedona. But as George Harrison once wrote, all things must pass.

For my part, I’m very grateful for my life. I’ve been truly privileged and incredibly fortunate. Happy Thanksgiving.

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