Airport insecurity

My friend Tom (aka. “The Blogfodder”) sent me a link last night to a wonderful blog entry from Curator magazine. The post consists of several striking photographs taken inside airports, along with some advice on how to capture them.

I loved this post for two reasons: First, it opened up a whole new photography venue I never knew existed. I’d always been under the impression that it’s illegal to take photographs inside an airport. As it turns out, it’s perfectly legal in most airports. Second, it provided inspiration in the form of several striking images.(Love the silhouette of the cowboy hat!)

Alas, my next photo experiment will have to wait until I travel again. Sigh.

Until then, I guess I’ll have to be content with the only image I’ve ever shot inside an airport. Here are Esteban and I, moments before departing for our 10-day tour of Italy in 2007. What can I say? We always strive to be good cultural ambassadors for Minnesota.


    • Love your blog, too. Very insightful. Thanks for your comment, and hope you get some quality sleep this weekend! 😉

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