First snow”storm”

The office was all abuzz yesterday with the news that a major snowstorm was headed our way. “I heard that we’re going to get pounded,” one of my neighbors said. “They’re talking up to 10 inches,” said another.

Not so much, as it turns out.

Mercifully, the first big snow of the season dealt us only a glancing blow.

Update, posted December 10:

I got a huge chuckle this morning when I logged into my email and found Tom’s comment on this post. When I wrote it last night, I was tired and uninspired. So when  Esteban called from the other room (“The pizza is getting cold!”) I hastily shut down my computer and scampered off. I must have poked the wrong button and accidentally published this unfinished blip.

Well, in honor of my mistake—and to celebrate the sudden lurch into winter—I’ve added some snow to my blog. Thanks to WordPress for making it available. If only winter in Minnesota were so easy to turn on and off …

By the way, don’t leave without checking out Tom’s comment. He suggests a wonderful lexicon of snowstorm terms, including “Stormosaurus.” I’d like to add “Stormosaurus Rex” and “Stormzilla” to the list.


  1. Pounded? Hell, we were barely flaked.

    But the season’s first shovel-worthy snowfall gave us here in the capitol city a jumpstart on our Stormsaurus, a lexicon of lurid weather verbs. In Minnesota snow doesn’t fall on us: instead, local media, warns us we will be …


    And if the storm of the millennium happens to slip past us and dust Wisconsin, tune in tomorrow for more meteorological alarmism. News at ten.

    • Actually, that’s not too far from the truth: Have you tried driving over those giant waves of compacted snow that the plows have left behind? The one at the end of my alley is so high that I need oxygen when I reach its peak. Ha.

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