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In observance of a long-standing Sunday-afternoon tradition, Esteban just read me last week’s News of the Weird. Among the usual stupidity was a brief about a momentous decision the Wisconsin legislature is facing: whether to designate Lactococcus lactis as the state’s official bacterium. The Weird News column went on to say that, If approved, the […]

After months of fervent speculation, on Wednesday the rumors became fact when Apple officially introduced its new tablet computer. But no sooner did the excitement and “I told you so’s” quiet down than you could almost hear a collective “Huh?” over the name of the device. Meet the iPad, Apple’s most absorbent product yet. I’m […]

J.D. Salinger died today at 91. I was surprised to read the news; I was sure he’d been gone for years. In a deft portrait of the author’s complex personality, Hillel Italie wrote that “decades after publication, [The Catcher in the Rye] remains a defining expression of that most American of dreams: to never grow […]

A perfect date


This evening Esteban and I made an impulsive decision to head out for a movie. “What’s at the theater?” I asked him. “Up in the Air,” he half-shouted from the living room. We were surprised to pull into the parking lot and find that we were the only ones there. “Oh yeah … the Vikings […]

In my email this afternoon was a link to the Sleep Talkin’ Man blog. (Warning: coarse language. For a more PG-13 option, try this MSNBC video instead.) Some of his somnolent poetry is admittedly hilarious: “I can’t control the kittens. Too many whiskers. Too many whiskers!” “Skipping to work makes everything better.” “No, not the […]

Still a dream


Today marks the birthday of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. His work forever changed our nation, and his vision continues to shape our lives to this day. But sadly, some of the civil rights we take so for granted here are still just a fleeting dream in other parts of the globe. Last week […]

Help Haiti


About 48 hours have passed since a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, killing at least 100,000 people and displacing more than a million. According to an article tonight in The Mirror, the final death toll could approach 500,000. The earthquake was overwhelmingly destructive, but the aftermath has been just as traumatic. This poor nation has few […]

Today a group of Austrian scientists drew international outrage for conducting an experiment that buries pigs alive. “We want to save lives,” one of the researchers said. “That’s the only goal of this study.” Well, how about not needlessly killing pigs? That would save some lives. The ongoing study involves burying several pigs alive under […]

I overheard a conversation at work the other day that caught me a bit off guard. One of my colleagues’ friends was whining that his wife was getting fat and that all she did was complain. She was bad-mouthing him to her friends, he said, and she didn’t appreciate him anymore. He didn’t seem to […]

Yesterday I saw my bookshelf with fresh eyes. Although I walk past it 10 times a day, I hadn’t noticed its sorry state until last night. The top tier looked like a game of Jenga, three layers high. At the very peak was a stack of books I’ve been meaning to finish. They’ve been haunting […]