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Sometimes a single image (or just a few words) can convey an entire story. This morning I was walking Karma, the most recent of my dog-sitting charges, when I noticed a small, empty cage discarded in a neighbor’s front yard. Inside the cage was a tiny plastic igloo, its edges chewed to smithereens by the […]

The Louds


My visit with my parents went by in a blink and I’m flying home to Minnesota. Ordinarily I’d be dozing a bit, or doing some work. But unfortunately that’s not in the cards tonight, for behind me are sitting The Louds. SuperMom has been prattling on incessantly to her two adorable little angels for 1,200 […]



Some people may argue that time is a constant—60 seconds always adds up to a minute, which always lasts exactly 60 seconds. But all I need is a day with my family to know that time truly is relative. Today, a handful of my kin gathered to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We had a lovely […]

I’ve always equated southern Florida with retirement — and a retreat for the rich. Even in my parents’ comparatively modest neighborhood, there are a few million-dollar homes. (In fact, just a mile or two down the highway you might see mansions owned by people named Kellogg and Heinz.) Because of this connection to wealth and […]



I normally love flying. There’s something exhilarating about the roar of those jet engines as the pilot pulls back on the throttle. There’s a palpable feeling of leaving everything behind. But today’s flight was different. I didn’t pay particularly close attention when the captain said we’d be running into 175-mile-per-hour crosswinds. The plane itself would […]

Every so often I spot a brilliant marketing idea and think, “Wow. I wish I’d thought of that.” Such was the case today when I happened upon a story about a woman in New Zealand who recently made almost $2,000 by auctioning off two “spirits” (an old man and a young girl) she had allegedly […]

Of all the things I write, comedy is the hardest. You have to pay attention to rhythm and timing, and it helps to be concise. You also have to be silly—but not so much that you sound stupid. And to be extra-funny, you should add an unexpected twist. The geniuses (Monty Python, George Carlin, Steve […]

It’s been a weekend of contrasts. Yesterday was cold and sunny. Today was gray and warm. But both days were perfect in their own way. Yesterday afternoon Esteban and I drove to Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake. (Esteban’s friend Mandy had given us tickets to The Aluminum Show as a thank you for watching […]