Scanned goods

I’ve had only intermittent access to the Internet over the past two weeks. While this has been a bummer for my blog (I eked out only 10 entries in March) it has been a boon in other ways.

Undistracted by the siren songs of YouTube and eBay, last weekend I finally started a project I’d been postponing for 10 years. I bought a flatbed scanner, plugged it in, and began digitizing the 5,000 or so negatives that have accumulated over the years. I closed my eyes and picked a random starting spot: Edinburgh, May 2000.

I used to feel a bit embarrassed about my compulsion to photograph *every*waking*moment* of my vacations. Now I’m glad I shot away.

Seeing my old photos reminded me of stories I’d long since forgotten: Getting caught in a cloudburst outside Yorkminster; watching the sun fade behind Edinburgh’s imposing castle; having a chance encounter with Prince Charles at Hollyrood Palace … the memories were all there, like old friends, at 4200 dpi and in vivid 16-bit color. Esteban and I spent an hour reminiscing. It was almost like taking the trip all over again.

I also scanned a handful of photos of my friend Jim with his dogs Beau, Maggie and Ginger. Jim teared up the other night when I gave him the prints. All of his dogs are now gone; memories can be a bittersweet thing.

Although it will be very time-consuming to digitize all of my negatives, I’m greatly looking forward to the process. Who knows what other forgotten treasures I’ll find among my old negatives?

In the meantime, here are a few of the fruits of last weekend’s labors.

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