Two great reads

It’s been a hectic week. In trying to keep up with the world around me, I’ve had little time for thinking my own thoughts. That’s one of the tough things about writing for a living: It pretty much occupies your life.

But in the midst of all the din, two items brightened my day.

The first was a wonderful, thought-provoking essay by anti-racism writer Tim Wise. I’d never considered what might happen if the Tea Party was an African-American movement instead of a primarily White-middle-class thing. Brilliant.

The second was a witty little gem from my friend Tom (aka “The Blogfodder”). I really must apologize for basically just posting everything he sends me, but what can I say? He sends me such interesting stuff.

Anyway, here’s one I’d file under Great Moments In Maritime Incompetence:

A man who thought he was sailing along the coast of southern England had to be rescued after his motor boat ran out of fuel while repeatedly circling a small island in the Thames estuary. … He told [officials] he had been trying to navigate by keeping the coastline to his right.

Thank God some of our ancestors had better directional skills. And let’s hope our descendants have better critical-thinking skills, too.

That’s today’s news. I promise I’ll try to think of something original tomorrow.

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