The dog-days of May

I don’t know why I’ve never participated in the Animal Humane Society’s Walk for Animals until today. I love animals. And I love walking. But—oh, now I remember—I hate asking friends and family for money, even for a good cause.

So when my employer set up a corporate team a few weeks back, I was reluctant to enlist. “The company will make a donation on your behalf,” I was told. “And last year someone brought a wallaby,” a co-worker added. “That’s it!” I said. “I’m in!”

My total proceeds were modest (I raised only $175), but I did bring in recruits—my friend Uta and her two dogs—who between them raised $135.

It was a gorgeous morning. As we arrived to the shuttle-bus pick-up site, we were greeted by a line of about 400 people, 250 dogs, three or four cats, and a ferret.

Uta and I were amazed by how well behaved most of the dogs were. During our entire half-hour wait, we saw only one minor woofie melée.

The check-in site was a little less serene. For some reason we had to wait in line twice, at two different tables. Then were then sent through a vendor area, which roughly resembled a canine version of the Minnesota State Fair.

Even when we started walking the 5-mile course there was little room to romp. Oh, well. We were glad for the outstanding turnout. It was all for a good cause.

I never did spot the wallaby, but that’s OK. Maybe next year.

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