A moment in time

Last week I wrote about the New York Times project, “A Moment in Time.”

I spent a few minutes this morning thinking about what I should shoot: The Minneapolis skyline, as seen from the Stone Arch Bridge? The beginning of the May Day Parade? Ordinary folks doing their Sunday shopping, or filing into church?

I wanted to photograph something that would be typical of Minnesota, yet also speak to the transitory notion of a single moment in May. Ultimately, I decided to just stick to my usual routine. Here are four snapshots from my Sunday-morning walk:

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom along Como Lake.

Each gust of wind liberated a few petals. It seemed symbolic of Minnesota’s fleeting seasons.

My friend the blue heron was out in search of breakfast. I loved the translucency of the grass and the quality of the light.

These two geese honked incessantly for no apparent reason.

I don’t yet know which image I’ll submit, since I promised by friend Tom that he’d get to choose. (Being the “Blogfodder” does have its privileges!)

Although in hindsight I wish I had something a little more spectacular to send in, I guess it’s fitting that all of my shots are about quiet moments in nature. That’s when Minnesota seems most beautiful to me.


  1. Just back from a stroll around Como in its high-spring glory, so the opportunity to cast my vote for the Photo of the Moment is downright intoxicating. I’m a sucker for a good waterbird picture, and yours is fantastic, with that beak glowing against the light. But the last picture looking up the hill is the one. That’s the Como I’ve lived next to for a couple decades now: a city park with wide open spaces that are hidden for the few visitors who’ll turn their backs on the parking lots and attractions, and give themselves to the splendor and intimacy that the park at its best holds in balance. A classic, as poignant and meaning-drenched an image as your Zen duck-butt.

    Thank you for your photographs.

  2. I love how you call these beautiful painterly photographs “snapshots,” H. After a weekend of long work days inside as the sun blazed outside the windows, seeing them was like taking a delightful vicarious walk. Thanks for posting them!

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