Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

My friend Tom (aka, “The Blogfodder”) sent me an intriguing link today: Your brain on Computers—Attached to Technology and Paying a Price.

He happened to walk past my desk as I was pulling up the article on my iPhone. We both laughed at the irony.

In spite of being caught red-handed, I still felt a bit self-righteous after reading the article. Thank God I’m not as addicted to my gadgets as the Campbell family! There’s no way I would miss an offer to buy out my business for more than a million bucks.

Or maybe I have missed such an offer, and I just don’t know it? Ha. Good one!

Anyway … what I found most interesting about the story was the apparent confirmation of something I’ve long suspected: Technology is fundamentally changing our brains.

Studies at Stanford University suggest that our brains are rewiring themselves to cope with the changing information landscape. Among their findings: “Multitaskers tended to search for new information rather than accept a reward for putting older, more valuable information to work.” In other words, multitaskers are easily distracted by new stimuli (what I call “Shiny Object Syndrome,” or SOS).

No wonder face-to-face conversation is a dying art.

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