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“Oh my God!” Esteban called from the bathroom. I thought he’d finally succeeded in pushing a Q-tip all the way through his head. It really freaks me out how he can make those things practically disappear into his ear. But no. Instead, he was reacting to the news that someone had bought a box of […]

Every so often, I spot a sentence in a “news” story that just begs to be repeated. Here’s today’s gem: See the video below for news coverage of the fingernail. Yes, that’s right. Someone has actually taken time out of their life—time they’ll never get back—to create a video about Lindsey Lohan’s court-appearance manicure. Hey! […]

My friend Tom (aka “The Blogfodder”) has been at it again. Today’s treasure came in two parts: First, he sent me a link to a wonderful Boston Globe article about the prevalence of “verbing.” I absolutely loved Erin McKean’s practical perspective: Objections to verbification in English tend to be motivated by personal taste, not clarity. […]

This morning, my colleague Thuy and I were comparing iPhone photos. Many of Thuy’s were spectacular: As an amateur pilot, she sees some pretty amazing landscapes. But the shots that most caught my eye came from the day her engine caught fire. Fortunately, she hadn’t yet taken off; and luckily, she walked away unscathed. Then […]



When I got home from work this evening I was greeted by an ominous sight: The normally placid and solitary rabbits that usually dot the local lawns had suddenly congregated in front of a neighbor’s house. I’ve never before counted seven (7!) bunnies in one yard. Esteban blamed it on global warming. But I developed […]

I still remember the anticipation I felt after Esteban’s and my first trip to Paris, when I dropped off 7 rolls of film at Ritz Camera. Had my photos turned out? Would the prints be any good? A little over a decade later, I’m rediscovering that anticipation—but in a very different way. With film, I […]



I was awakened by mortars this morning. Not the shock-and-awe, topple-a-nation kind. More the remove-your-fingers-poke-your-eyes-out-and-wake-up-the-neighbors variety. They were coming from the alley, so at 4:45 a.m. I put on my bathrobe and crossed my yard, just in time to see the perpetrators going into their house. I walked up to their back door and knocked […]

Sometimes it’s humbling to realize how much we humans don’t understand. Other times it’s downright frightening. I stumbled across and article today in the Christian Science Monitor titled Earth’s upper atmosphere collapses. Nobody knows why. Granted, the article’s title is a little alarmist. The atmosphere has actually contracted, not collapsed. But still … it really […]

As a hopeless Francophile, I can’t help but note that today is Bastille Day (le quatorze juillet), the 221st anniversary of the storming of the dreaded fortress. A few weeks ago I found my travel journal from Esteban’s and my visit to Paris in January, 2006. Here are my impressions from our visit to Versailles: […]

iPhone iPhotos


I’ve long maintained that the best camera in the world is the one you have with you. Never mind that I’m a nit-picky “pixel-peeper.” (Years of working in a digital photo lab have sensitized me to chromatic aberration and luminance noise.) But in spite of my preference for tack-sharp images with shadow detail, I’ve found […]