When I got home from work this evening I was greeted by an ominous sight: The normally placid and solitary rabbits that usually dot the local lawns had suddenly congregated in front of a neighbor’s house.

I’ve never before counted seven (7!) bunnies in one yard. Esteban blamed it on global warming. But I developed some theories of my own.

(1) They’re preparing to besiege my neighbor’s luscious garden. (I’ve had the same thought myself.)

(2) They’re preparing an attack to liberate someone’s pet rabbit. (Again, I’ve had the same thought myself.)

(3) They’re forming a swarm and migrating south. (Once again, great minds think alike.)

It didn’t take long to discover the real reason for the gathering, though. They were having themselves a big old rabbit swingers’ party.

Great. Just what my neighborhood needs … more rabbits.

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