Home, sweet home

Earlier this week, Esteban and I found ourselves unexpectedly thinking about selling our home. Our neighbor Matt had expressed interest, we’d given him a tour, and we’d set a date to meet up tonight and talk price.

We chatted amicably over beers about everything under the sun. “So,” Matt said eventually, “have you guys thought any more about how much you want to ask?”

I told him how we’d arrived at our figure. I’d researched the median prices on Zillow. I’d checked out the city’s records of recent sales. I’d looked at a couple of other houses that are currently for sale in the neighborhood, and I’d compared their condition to our home’s.

“So how much are you asking?” Matt asked.

“How’s about we both write down our figure, and see where we end up?” I suggested.

We ended up too far apart to make a deal.

No hard feelings, though. That’s the great thing about good neighbors and good friends.

In hindsight, Esteban and I are glad we at least went through the exercise. It was a real eye-opener to realize that we’re ready to consider the next chapter of our lives together. It was also wonderful to realize that we’re content to stay where we are.

Talk about a win-win.

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