Kombucha is back!

I’ve been in mourning since my beloved kombucha was pulled off the shelves in July.

I don’t know whether the acidic beverage really has any of the health benefits that people claim. Nor am I worried about the purported risks, which seem to have stemmed from home-brewed batches. All I know is that I feel better when I drink kombucha. For one thing, I’m far less, um, “gaseous”—which makes me more pleasant in social settings. Plus, it makes me more energetic. And I like how it tastes.

So imagine my delight this evening when—after two months of flatulence and lethargy—I rounded the corner at Cub Foods and saw several bottles restored to their rightful slots in the cooler. I felt like Sir Galahad gazing upon the Holy Grail.

I always joke that “it’s the little things” that make life worth living. Tonight one of those simple pleasures was restored.

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