On the road to Sedona

It’s been a big year, travel-wise: In March, I visited my family in Florida. Then I spent two weeks in Paris. Shortly after, I attended a family reunion in Williamsburg. And this morning I set off on my fourth trip — to Sedona.

Sedona was an afterthought. Esteban and I hadn’t planned on going anywhere after our European adventure. But then my husband spotted a timeshare exchange for $100, and a great deal on airfares.

I resisted at first. But then I realized I’d lose a week of vacation time if I didn’t take it. “Why not?” I said to Esteban. “Let’s go!”

That snap decision may have saved my sanity.

Little did I know back in October that, by December, I’d already be sick of winter. I can’t describe the joy of trading the frozen tundra I call home for the sandy tundra they call Arizona. Here’s a “before and after”:



The travel itself was effortless. We breezed through security, grabbed a bite, and walked onto the plane. Then, we forsook our assigned seats for an empty exit row. Ahhh, legroom!

We grabbed our rental Jeep and drove to Scottsdale to visit Esteban’s uncle Frank. I’d last seen Frank in Paris. It was wonderful to spend time with him in his element. (I especially loved Frank’s tour of the tunnels that prevent springtime flooding.)

Esteban, Frank and I shared a wonderful dinner — and a spectacular sunset.

As Esteban and I drove north toward Sedona, I couldn’t help but snicker at the signs along the highway: “Caution. Winter driving conditions.” Ha! I could grow to love this place.

Stay tuned for more from Sedona …

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