A soggy day in Sedona

I’m in one of the most beautiful places on earth but I can’t take my eyes off a book.

It’s been rainy in Sedona, so Esteban and I have spent most of the day indoors. But during a midday break in the clouds we went for a walk.

We ended up at the grocery store, where a small book caught my eye. I didn’t have to thumb through too many pages to know I’d be parting with $10.99.

Every page boasts a stunning image, but my favorites are the ones that are imbued with humor. Like the shot of the gecko that materialized to polish off someone’s dessert …

… and the dog that gets very excited when his owner comes home …

… and the little bird that botched his landing.

I think my new book may represent the single most inspiring 10 bucks I’ve ever spent.

It has reminded me of the lesson that I seem to need to hear over and over and over again: The best photographs tell a story. And if they have a punch line, all the better.

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