Post a Day 2011? I’m in!

I don’t usually consider myself a “joiner”—you know, one of those folks who simply has to try stuff because it’s hip/new/shiny/in fashion. But there was something about WordPress’ “PostADay” challenge that resonated for me.

Although I’ve been a fairly diligent blogger, I’ve (so far) fallen short of my own goal of posting something—anything—every day. And I attribute that to laziness: Some days I don’t have much to say, so I don’t even try. But in hindsight, I’ve realized that some of my favorite posts came out of exactly those days, when I forced myself to dig deep and then write.

So for once I’m jumping on a bandwagon. I’m publicly committing to posting something every day.* I can’t guarantee that it will be worth reading. But hopefully it’ll at least be worth trying.

Stay tuned …

*I reserve the right to not post something under any of the following conditions: flu and/or flu-like ailments; writer’s cramps; regular cramps; travel; computer issues; Internet outages; power outages; bunions; blisters; inclement weather; nice weather; disorientation as to time or place; alien invasion; civil insurrection; bacon shortages; locusts, frogs, floods, plagues of mice, and similar Acts of God. Other conditions may apply.

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