Second chances and other miracles

When I see a homeless person, I often wonder how they got there. What went so catastrophically wrong in their life that they ended up with nothing but their sign and their clothes?

For Ted Williams, it was “alcohol and drugs—and a few other things.” But he’s been clean for two years now, and he’s hoping for a second chance.

Thanks to a reporter from the Columbus Dispatch who followed his curiosity—and the YouTube viewers who made Williams’ video go viral, and the Dave and Jimmy radio show, which has pledged to help Williams—maybe soon there will be one less homeless person in Ohio.

Not every story can take such a positive turn, I know. Many of the folks on the street are still struggling with drugs, alcohol, mental health, you name it.

But I hope Williams’ story helps remind us that behind every homeless person is a person. I hope it reminds us to treat the homeless with humanity and dignity—and, if possible, to give them a second chance.

Update, posted January 5: I’m very happy to report that Williams has a job. Let’s hear it for second chances—and small miracles.

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