Walking + texting = swimming, suing

Yesterday I heard about a woman who fell into a shopping mall fountain because she was text-messaging (“texting”) while walking. Today I heard that she has hired a lawyer, and plans to sue. Among her allegations: She feels humiliated.

Hmmm. The video didn’t identify her by name. But now she’s (very publicly) taking legal action. Am I missing something, or isn’t she actually compounding her humiliation?

I can’t believe she has a case: The fountain had a barrier. And while it may have been unethical for someone to post the surveillance video online, it wasn’t illegal. (In the U.S., you’re fair game if you’re in a public place.)

But beyond that … on what planet is someone else accountable for her inattention? And when did people stop being responsible for their own perambulation? Puh-leeze.

My only hope is that at least a few of the 2,000,000 people who have watched this video will wake up to the risks of walking/driving while texting.

After all, it’s funny when someone falls into a fountain while texting. But crashing head-on into a school bus? Not so much.

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