A taxation meditation

In an uncharacteristic bout of pre-crastination, I did Esteban’s and my taxes last weekend. It took me only an hour to zip through my freelance stuff, Esteban’s and my federal forms, and our state returns.

But unfortunately my task isn’t quite complete: At the last moment, a generic-looking dialog box said that the feds couldn’t accept my return until mid-February. (According to about.com, the late passage of the Tax Relief Act of 2010 required some software scrambling at the IRS.)

I shrugged. What’s two weeks?

But — judging from the comments at the bottom of the article — some of my fellow Americans are hopping mad … and functionally illiterate.

For your reading pleasure, I present a collage of verbatim quotes I’d like to call “Tax Rant.”

Working4aLiving are you kiding me! While the government sits up high with plenty of money to splurge. Now we the people have to wait because of you’re lazy asses. Now….. you tell me I have to wait to file, because of the mistakes and the lackness to do their jobs. What an unorginized group of people. You must have went to college. You seem so smart. Stick that in your your calculater. hopefully this will teach everyone to do what is right next time instead of doing what is poplar. REVOLUTION PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can somebody loan me $20?

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