Photography: painting with light

Over the past two weeks, I’ve spent untold hours searching photos for some “mood boards” I’m assembling at work. Along the way I’ve happened on a few that don’t fit my company’s corporate standards—but which deserve to be seen nonetheless.

Among those discoveries was the work of Twin Cities Brightest. Here’s how he describes his work:

It’s called “light art performance photography.” All images are straight from the camera, no computer manipulation at all. Not even cropping or adjusting. Enjoy!

Here are a few of his images:

I can’t quite wrap my head around how he keeps track of what he’s “painted,” and where. He must be like Mozart, I guess, who walked around with entire symphonies rattling around in his brain.

Want to give light-painting a try? Here’s a tutorial to get you started, courtesy of Brent Pearson. Want to see lots more cool examples? Check out this gallery at Digital Photography School.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some stunning examples of photo mosaics. ‘Til then …

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