Photography: artful collages

Over the past two weeks, I’ve spent untold hours looking through photos for some “mood boards” I’m assembling at work. Along the way I’ve happened on a few that don’t fit my company’s corporate standards—but which deserve to be seen nonetheless.

Yesterday, I featured some gorgeous light paintings. Today it’s all about collages.

I’ve used Photoshop countless times to stitch multiple frames into a single image. Here’s one example, which I composed from 11 frames:

But it had never occurred to me to either let the images’ edges overlap, as Sebastian Waters has done …

… or stitch together several very different images to create a sort of “story tapestry.” I found this example, by ThisDotComTaken, particularly artful:

I love that both photographers used similar techniques, yet achieved such different results. And I honestly can’t decide which effect I like best.

Want to try making a photo collage of your own (or just curious about how it’s done)? This tutorial explains the basics. Enjoy!

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