Last week’s P64 color: apricot

I’ve fallen a bit behind in, well, everything over the past week. Among the neglected was last week’s P64 photo project.

I thought “apricot” would be a toughie, but in fact it’s everywhere in my home.

I immediately went for the obvious, of course, among the mountain of heart-healthy foods I recently bought for Esteban:

Then, the remnants of his apricot-mango protein smoothie caught my eye. Mmmm, good!

In the bathroom, I noticed — maybe for the first time in 20 years — that the tile on the walls has a definite apricot-like tone. But no one wants to look at the cheap plastic tile that my home’s previous owners installed in the 1950s.

Then I spotted one of my favorite complexion-helpers. Among its exotic food-grade ingredients, it features … wait for it … ground apricot pits!

I couldn’t quite capture the lovely translucency of the product, so I tried different approaches to the lighting.

Only afterward did it strike me that my favorite exfoliator could well serve as a metaphor for my life these days: Never a Dull Moment.

Fortunately, I’m still seeing the jar as half-full.

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