Son of Snowmaggedon

It’s been two months since I last wrote (griped?) about winter in Minnesota, so forgive me if this post sounds a bit whiny.

The winter of 2010-2011 is officially inching toward the snowiest on record (at least since the White People got here and started to keep records).

And while I love to look at the snow, I loathe shoveling it and driving in it.

I’ll spare you my complaints about trying to dig out the driveway, which—thanks to last week’s thaw and this weekend’s freeze—is basically a skating rink. (Yes, I fell down several times, bruising my hands and my back in the process. Yay!)

But I’m not complaining. Instead, I’m trying very hard to find beauty in this desolate wasteland I call home.

I didn’t have to go far this morning to find my first photo opps: In our back yard alone, I found humor in the tunnel-like walkway that leads from our back door to the driveway …

… and inspiration in the snow-covered design on our chimenea:

I was also mesmerized by the juxtaposition of nature with man-made objects:

… and by the fortitude of the people who brave the elements to go about their daily lives:

Yes, it’s been one of the worst winters on record. But to my surprise, I find that I’m adapting with a quiet sense of resignation.

Maybe I’m finally becoming a Minnesotan?


  1. Lovely photos! They help me appreciate the beauty of it all, despite weariness with driving in it.

    As did the humor in the wry comment of a friend today: “Glad it’s snowing today. That 13″ from yesterday was getting a little dingy.”

    • Weariness and beauty: That pretty much sums up winter in Minnesota!

      Loved your friend’s wry comment, too. Though I’d take a bit of dinginess over another three or four inches any day. 🙂

    • Sorry to hear that you’re having a touch of homesickness … that’s totally understandable, since you actually have *two* “homes,” in a sense. But would it help if I sent you some snow? I’ve got plenty to spare — and it would only take a few days via UPS. 🙂

  2. Yes, it’s been quite a year! 24″ in NYC right after Christmas and several inches since then. Your photos tell a great story. Love your eye.

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