Great reads from Huffygirl

It’s been a long day at the office and I’m totally, utterly, completely exhausted. Which means that I have no energy, will, or desire to write tonight.

But I promised to post something every day, so I hope you won’t mind if just for today I leave you in Huffygirl’s capable hands.

Check out her self-declared worst blog ever, her cure for floppy tulip syndrome, and her photo of a turtato. Here’s an explanation of that last one:

Inspired by a potato that looked just like a turkey, I tried to make this one work. I took picture after picture of my turtato, but could not get the right look to show everyone how much it REALLY did look like a small turkey. It’s still sitting in drafts and will probably remain there forever, where it rightly belongs.

I think you should give yourself more credit, Huffygirl—I can totally see that potato’s inner turkey! I have one question, though: What did you use for stuffing?

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