Moments that make you say, “WTF?”

Of all the side-effects of the digital revolution, blogs are one of my favorite. They can be a wonderful window in other people’s lives, and into worlds I might otherwise never experience.

Among my favorites are JetHead‘s musings of an airline pilot, Cherokee by design and his gorgeous photographs, and kluckit, a 20-something’s irreverent take on life and pop culture in L.A.

Today kluckit’s headline caught my eye: “WTF Moment of the Week.” I loved his description of one particularly eventful train ride home—complete with dueling boom-boxes (yup, apparently they still exist), a missed stop, and a rambling, incoherent vagrant.

I paused to think about some of my favorite WTF moments. Being hit on by an octogenarian still ranks right up there, as does the time I saw a man attempt to get out of his car while the car wash was running. (I have no idea why. WTF, right?)

But while those extreme examples may stand out in my memory, the more subtle ones are still the WTF moments that I’ve found most unnerving. Like the guy who got on the elevator, poked a button, and immediately turned away and tucked himself into a corner.

Still … whether my WTF moments are amusing or unnerving, I (almost) always appreciate the insights they provide into the social mores and cultural ties that bind us. It’s kind of mind-blowing that a tiny behavioral aberration could have such a big impact.

As for kluckit’s misadventures on the train: Get yourself some noise-blocking earbuds, my friend. Mine have saved me from many a wild party, crying baby, loud PA system—and yes, aspiring DJs on public transit.


  1. Woo! Shoutout! It’s hilarious that you mention earbuds because the one thing that I didn’t mention was that the next morning I lost one of the rubber pieces that makes it fit in your ear so now my music experience is a rather uncomfortable one.

    Is it weird that I had to look up what an “Octogenarian” is? Kids these days…

    • Bummer about losing your earbud rubber thingies. I hate it when that happens.

      And no, it’s not weird that you had to look up “octogenarian.” It’s not one of those words that comes up often—but it seemed like the perfect, elegant alternative to “horny old geezer.” Ha.

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