Crappy birthday, Craig!

My colleague Craig had a lousy birthday today.

I think the lowlight (if there’s such a word) may have come over the lunch hour, when he learned that his car needed $1,600 in repairs.

But in spite of everything he continued to crack jokes throughout the day. One of my favorites came near quitting time, when a group of us started talking about dreams.

Somehow the conversation devolved into nightmares. True to form, Craig offered up the non-copyright-infringing image of a certain “Eddie Krieger,” who wears a plaid shirt instead of the trademark stripes, and whose fingers are made of spoons instead of knives.

No wonder the guy has two Clios to his name.

Well, Craig, I’m sorry your big day didn’t quite make it out of the gate, but I hope it’ll cheer you up to know that at least Eddie Krieger is wishing you a Crappy Birthday.

Better luck next year, amigo.

P.S.: The Happy Hour offer still stands.

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