The promise of spring


Back in January, my friend Chris gave me an amaryllis bulb for my birthday.

It took me a while to find some potting soil. (Target and Home Depot apparently consider it a “seasonal item.”) But within a couple of weeks I’d planted the bulb—and within a couple of months, it bloomed.

Today I was rewarded with a beautiful harbinger of spring.

How ironic that today I was also reminded that Chris is moving away: He and his wife leave for Paris in mid-April. What a shame that I’ll miss them by only a couple of weeks.

That’s the lesson of spring, I guess: Every year is a new beginning, every season a new chapter.

Best wishes to you and Silke, Chris, as you start this new chapter.

One Response to “The promise of spring”

  1. 1 comettrail

    there’s something about the angle that humanizes the flower, the way it’s tilted rather than straight head-on. like, it just popped out playfully from behind the wall to smile and wave at the camera. i guess i’ve seen that phrase “smiling flowers” in a lot of different places, but the close-up, angle, and lighting really do give that impression. very nice!

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