Well, this day’s shot …

I’ve often wondered why my eye for photography seems so much sharper when I’m traveling. Today I discovered that it’s all about having the right frame of mind. _________________________________________________________________

Recently, a friend asked me to take some promo shots of the Heights Theatre for an upcoming event. I was actually giddy this morning as I gathered my equipment.

I pondered the technical aspects as I got ready: Should I bring my wide-angle adapter? Or would I need my fastest lens for the theater’s low light?

That’s when I noticed the blinds in my home office. I look at them every day, but today I actually saw them. I loved the quality of the light as it streamed past the tiny reeds.

Then I went to the basement to get my clothes out of the dryer. As I folded my shirts, I noticed one whose tag had seen better days. The letters and numbers seemed to be dancing, as if suspended in space.

But I digress …

Esteban and I have been catching movies at the Heights Theatre for years. We love it because it’s one of the Twin Cities’ least-known historical treasures. But for me, it’s also a time machine of sorts: Watching a movie there still feels like a special occasion.

I had only a half hour to get my shots. But I think (hope) that I captured a bit of the theater’s personality:

One of my favorite things was the old projector in the lobby. I found it ironic that the brand “Simplex” should describe something with more buttons and knobs than the Space Shuttle.

Alas, I was out of time: I had a lunch date with Esteban.

We spotted a vintage Jaguar in the restaurant’s parking lot. Esteban commented on what a pain it would be to service a 12-cylinder car. All I cared about was its sleek lines.

But my day wasn’t over yet.

When I got home, I was captivated by the beautiful translucency of my friend Chrisamaryllis. My photos don’t begin to do it justice.

As I wrap up my Sunday, I’m finding that I photographed pretty much everything I saw today. Why? Because I woke up knowing that I’d need to use my eye.

Like many creative types, I’ve often thought that inspiration is something that strikes you, like lightning. But today I discovered that — sometimes — creativity is just a matter of being in the right frame of mind.

In any case, this day is pretty much shot.

Until tomorrow …

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  1. Beautiful photos. And what a theater! I’ve only recently started really learning how to take good shots, so this post is a real inspiration to me. Thanks!

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