Overheard at the office

One of my favorite things about working with a dozen really creative people is overhearing their really creative conversations. The banter gets particularly witty as each day draws to a close.

The other day one colleague was talking about his father, who once ditched his beef ranch and moved to a tiny town in Alaska:

My father has such a strong anti-establishment streak that he can’t even submit to the authority of a recipe.

Another friend (whom I will leave unnamed, to protect the innocent) was telling me about a rather elderly and portly neighbor who has the habit of stashing her cellphone inside her bra. “Instead of an iPhone, she has a double-D phone,” he quipped.

But the highlight came tonight, when one of the art directors confessed to being a creature of habit about something or other. My fellow writer’s retort? “Creature of Habit: It sounds like a movie about nuns who become werewolves.”

Too bad someone already beat him to the punch. In my colleague’s hands, that premise could have been a blockbuster.


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