OMG makes the OED

If I were at work today, I’d be laughing with my friend Tom about today’s main ingredient in the Acronym Soup: “OMG” has apparently been accepted by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). What’s more …

Other Internet-inspired expressions given the stamp of approval include LOL, “laughing out loud”; IMHO, “in my humble opinion”; and BFF, “best friends forever.”

I wonder: Among the accepted entries, will we also find GMWAS? (Gag me with a spoon).


One comment

  1. Yeah, I do think the OED is getting a little too hip. I probably never noticed it before but I feel like words were added several years after they came into everyday use. Wonder if any of these will be around in 5 years?
    Maybe it’s been added to the Dictionary of New Words.

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