Paris panoramas


To my faithful readers: Are you sick of Paris yet?!

I hope not … because I’m still sorting through my photos.

Today’s project—between violent coughing fits—was pulling together the panoramas I shot for my friends at

A few of these shots are composites of several frames. Others are crops of full-frame photos. But all of them remind me of a specific moment, when I found myself thinking “I’m so lucky to be here.”

… as for my re-entry into life in the U.S., it continues to be an adjustment. Today I drove a car for the first time in almost three weeks. How quickly the familiar becomes foreign …

4 Responses to “Paris panoramas”

  1. 1 Lis

    Speaking as an amateur, I have to say that panoramas never thrilled me much. They always seem to have too much information to share…too much “stuff” to distract the eye. But yours are so beautifully framed and balanced, and they each tell a story without having all that “stuff” in there. Really nice work.

    • 2 hmunro

      Aw, Lis … you’re so kind. And you may think you’re an amateur, but you have a very sharp eye: Panos do indeed usually share too much “stuff.” But when it comes to Paris — and her river, and her bridges — it’s hard to go wrong. What a feast for the eyes that city is. Can you tell I’m in love? 🙂

  2. 3 InsideJourneys

    Love your panaromas.

    • 4 hmunro

      Thank you! I’m not usually a big fan of panos, but I’ll admit that I liked how a couple of these turned out.

      When do you leave for your own Paris adventure, by the way?

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