This week’s artist: Matan Mazor

Of all my experiences during my recent trip to Paris, my favorites were meeting some of the artists, writers, photographers and musicians who make the city so vibrant.

A few of those chance encounters have blossomed into friendships—as is the case with a young artist named Matan Mazor.

Matan looks like any other 20-year-old. But the instant he starts to speak, you know he’s something special: He’s ridiculously bright, articulate, intellectually curious, and humble. And did I mention that his talent far belies his years? Here’s his take on Winston Churchill, for instance:

In one of our Facebook exchanges the other day, I asked for permission to mention him in my blog. I’m hoping to put Matar in touch with some editorial types who may have a need for his illustrations. But I thought my readers might appreciate “meeting” him as well.

Thanks for your friendship, Matan. You have a bright future, and I’m privileged to have met you.

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