The Found Footage Festival (“FFF”)

I’ve been waiting for years to use Schadenfreude in print, and finally I’ve found the perfect occasion: the Found Footage Festival.

(In a nutshell … Two guys scour garage sales and second-hand stores for discarded VHS tapes, and then edit their finds together into an annual feature-length film.)

My friend Laurice discovered the FFF last year. She described it as “hilarious” and “disturbing” in equal measures. I was sorry to have missed it.

But fate intervened last weekend.

As I was preparing for an event at The Heights theater, I saw that the FFF would be there the very next day. I bought four tickets on the spot and left a voicemail for Laurice and her husband, Darren. “Esteban and I are going. Want to join us?”

The rest is history. Esteban, Darren, Laurice and I spent the evening either laughing until we were hoarse or recoiling in horror. Sometimes at the same time.

There were plenty of memorable moments. But my favorite was Petpourri, a twisted cable-access show in which the host takes calls from viewers while leaving an assorted menagerie of puppies, ferrets, kittens, turtles, macaws, monkeys, hedgehogs, lizards and fish to have unfortunate, unsupervised interactions on a tiny 4′ X 4′ table. “Hello, Humane Society?!”

I’m already looking forward to next year’s festival. And in the meantime, I’m eying those old VHS tapes in an entirely new light: I’ve always wanted to be a movie star …


  1. I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to find interesting, funny or thought-provoking subjects to write about every day. I’ve been enjoying catching up a little (been away from blogland a bit lately as other commitments have left me almost too tired to read by evening – a hangover from brain injury). Oh my goodness, that petpourri…..! I was laughing with my hand over my mouth in horror! Had to stop watching in the end.

    Other recent posts of yours have a more serious undercurrent. As we hit ‘late youth’ (as middle age/ your 40s are known these days apparently!) it’s natural to start contemplating mortality, I suppose, and one’s track record to date. But I imagine that the tumor gives you more reason than most to feel melancholy sometimes. (I have a cousin in an almost identical situation.) Don’t really know what to say to that, except I feel for you, and will you a life as long and unpredictable and messy and joyous as anyone else. And enjoy the schadenfreude: a little is good for the soul!

    • Hello, dancingbeastie! So good to hear from you. As always, thanks for your kind words. I’m especially honored that you’re taking the time to write when you’re so tired. I send healing thoughts your way.

      I don’t feel I can take much credit for the interesting posts, since many of them are inspired by my interesting friends β€” including the wonderful people like yourself whom I’ve met through this blog. But I’m finding it very rewarding to collect those good bits and post them for the common good. πŸ™‚

      As for the rest of your kind thoughts … I’ll reply offline. Thanks, and cheers!

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