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I got an email from my friend Todd this morning. “Where’d you find that Loch Ness Monster photo?” he asked. He was referring to a little prank I played on my readers a couple of days ago. Clearly, Todd doesn’t know about my obsession with Photoshop. “I made that photo,” I wrote back. I told […]

Esteban and I have been fans of the Cirque du Soleil since we saw Alegria in 2002, when the circus’ trademark Big Top appeared along the riverfront in Minneapolis. It seems like a lifetime ago. Since then, the new Guthrie Theater has sprouted on the same spot and the 35W bridge has collapsed. The Cirque […]

I’ve read some brilliant copywriting over the years, and I’ve considered hundreds of charitable appeals. But the headline on this envelope was among the very best of both, for me: Never has the cost of my inaction been framed in such tragic—or such human—terms. Hats off to Operation Smile. I’m off to make a donation […]

Mushroom porn


I’ve been looking forward to today since February. That’s when my friend Pam and I set the date for our annual morel mushroom hunt. “Is this our third year, or our fourth?” I asked Pam today as we tromped through the woods. “I think it’s our third,” she replied from down the trail. And she’s […]

Bob Dylan turns 70 today. I first heard about this milestone while exchanging wee-hours emails with a music-critic pal last week, and on Sunday I got to read the fruits of my former colleague’s labor. I loved the idea of asking a cross-section of musicians to share their Bob Dylan memories. “Take him out of […]

Have you ever watched someone fight valiantly to stay awake? That was me this afternoon. I have no idea why anyone would schedule a two-hour meeting right after lunch—and with copious charts and diagrams, no less. At first it was just my eyelids that felt heavy, then my head and arms. Finally my entire body […]

According to Harold Camping, today marks The End Of The World As We Know It. But, in the words of R.E.M., I feel fine. For two reasons: First, because Harold Camping has been wrong before. And second, because—if I really am about to become a crispy critter—there’s not much I can do about it. Harold […]

To my faithful subscribers: I’ve been pretty disciplined about starting a post every day, but I haven’t always finished my drafts. Please forgive a few extra entries as I go back in time to wrap up some loose ends. I know only a couple of men who sport facial hair. And of these, my favorite […]

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how my recent trip to Paris had inspired me to start taking piano lessons again. (Hanging out with musicians will do that to a gal.) What I didn’t mention is that I’ve also been studying voice. I was quite the little songbird, as a kid: I sang […]

“Is time-management right for you?” That was the title of a mock seminar that my colleague Seth recommended today. Except that I didn’t get the ‘mock’ part. “Isn’t time-management technically right for everyone?” I wrote back. Duh, H. In a moment of synchronicity, I found my notes from a presentation I attended last November. The […]