The best pole-dancer is a *dude*?!

Esteban and I have been fans of the Cirque du Soleil since we saw Alegria in 2002, when the circus’ trademark Big Top appeared along the riverfront in Minneapolis.

It seems like a lifetime ago. Since then, the new Guthrie Theater has sprouted on the same spot and the 35W bridge has collapsed. The Cirque has moved from Minneapolis to St. Paul to Bloomington, but we’ve made a point of catching every tour just the same.

In some ways, the shows have been familiar: There’s usually a juggling act, a bit of contortion, and the occasional edge-of-your-seat, death-defying stunt. (A couple of years ago I even pondered the ethics of paying to watch people to risk their lives.)

But in other ways, each production has been a new experience. Cirque du Soleil always pushes the envelope of artistry and athleticism, and today was no exception. There were lots of unbelievable acts (too many to describe, in fact). But my favorite moment came when Esteban leaned over and whispered, “Who would think that the best pole dancer in the world is a man?”

Anyway … hats off to the Cirque, to its artists, and to the hundreds of people who worked behind the scenes to stage OVO. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next.

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