Alles Gute zum Geburstag, Thessa!

I feel terrible. If only I’d seen Thessa’s Facebook invitation—and if only I’d been in Hamburg—I’d gladly have stopped by to help her celebrate her birthday. Sing with me, everyone: Hoch soll sie leben!

Oh, well … she probably didn’t miss me. Because 15,000 other people said they were coming, and 1,500 actually showed up.

Photo credit: Associated Press /  Stefan Simonsen via Ottawa CTV

Yup, that’s what happens when you screw up your Facebook privacy settings and accidentally invite the ENTIRE INTERNET to your 16th birthday party.

My favorite account of the festivities came from The Slate:

After 15,000 people confirmed they were coming, Thessa’s parents canceled the party. … But that wasn’t enough to stop 1,500 people from showing up and having a good time. About 100 police were dispatched to control the crowd. … When the smoke cleared ­– seriously: firefighters extinguished two small fires – police spokesman Mirko Streiber declared the party “a hit,” adding that it was “sheer insanity but mostly peaceful.”

Perhaps you should think twice before inviting Streiber to your next get-together, if his idea of a hit includes 11 detained party-goers, one injured police officer, and “dozens of girls wearing flip-flops cut[ting] their feet on broken glass.”

Think twice before inviting Streiber to my next get-together? Oh, mais non! Striber just shot to the top of my guest list. “Sheer insanity, but mostly peaceful” sounds exactly like my kind of birthday party.

Anyway … alles Gute zum Geburstag, Thessa!

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