Today’s favorite surf spots


I don’t have time to write much today—probably because I spent too much time surfing instead. So as today’s lame Post-a-Day 2011 Challenge entry, I’m pleased to present the first annual HBlog Surfy Awards. Please, hold your applause …


Best cure for existential angst:
Minnesota’s night sky, by my former colleague Brian Peterson


Best combination of tags in a general-interest blog:
Bon Jovi, Growing Up, Hobbits, Parenting, Puff the Magic Dragon, Relationships


Most suggestive presidential headline:
Republicans turned off by size of Obama’s package


Wimpiest display of manhood:
Man calls police over kitten bite


Most beautiful deconstruction of a creative process:
Daniel Mackie, watercolor illustrator


“Best” use of quotation marks in a “writer’s” blog
Away with Words …


Most comprehensive collection of Paris street sounds:
Soundlandscapes Blog: Street musicians and Paris streets


Most insane bike race EVER:
Chile’s Valparaiso Cerro Abajo


Best graphic representation of abstraction:
(Scroll to the middle of the page, just under Dept. of Tips and Tricks)


Best almost-nude photo of Anthony Bourdain:
Enough with the celebrity chefs. Let’s see some celebrity janitors.

Back with something more meaty tomorrow. (No offense to Chef Bourdain …)

4 Responses to “Today’s favorite surf spots”

  1. Nice post. I like it, made me smile. That bike ride was nuts!!!! 😉

    • 2 hmunro

      Yah … that bike ride was pretty crazy, eh? I especially loved the maniacal little scream the rider made about halfway through. Anyway … thanks for reading. Your comment made *me* smile!

  2. 3 Lis

    What you think is “lame”, I think is a great compilation of smile material!! Thanks.

    • 4 hmunro

      In hindsight, I realize I should have said that *I’m* lame — not the compilation. 🙂 My former colleague’s video is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Makes me tear up every time …

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